GoldNutrition has upgrated the Total Whey with a new image, a better formula and flavour.

The best of this is if you buy the new Total Whey Black & Gold Edition you are able to win 1 of the 80 incredible prizes we have to offer.

The prizes include:

  • 1 annual sponsorship
  • 1 training day with a Gold Athlete
  • 1 nutritional monitoring with our team
  • 1 double ticket for a GoldNutrition event in Portugal
  • 1 participation in a GoldNutrition event in Portugal
  • 2 GoldNutrition products of your choice
  • 1 special kit Black & Gold Edition
  • 1 kit with GoldNutrition produtcts

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About the new formula

The new formula of Total Whey by GoldNutrition now contains pre and probiotics which help the digestive health by regulating the intestinal flora and has other benefits like a better nutrient absorption (specially protein).

In 100g of product, 77g consists of high biological value proteins with a high solubility, low fat content and a small concentration of carbon hydrates, being quickly absorbed and digested.

GoldNutrition innovates once again for being the first nutrition brand using a patented symbiotic in a whey protein. More than a protein for sports, it’s a protein for everyone!

The new Total Whey by GoldNutrition is available in 1 kg and 2 kg packages and four flavours: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and cappucino.