Increasing lean

Body Mass

The increase in lean body mass involves a rise in the quantity of muscle in the human body. This increase can be difficult to bring about. It relies on a harmonious combination of proper nutrition, well-planned endurance training and sufficient rest.

To increase lean body mass it is necessary to do endurance training and to consume a balanced diet which contains the nutrients required and more energy than what the body expends on a daily basis. It is also crucially important that the nutrients are supplied to the body at the right time, namely before and after the training, to ensure healthy muscle growth. Dietary supplements can provide a precious help in this aspect, as the intake of nutrients can be more easily controlled and manipulated than through food.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day.
Don’t take your personal problems to the gym with you.
Avoid small talk and focus on your training.
Give yourself at least 2 days a week of rest in your training schedule.

Products that help you achieve your goal:

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Proteins and Amino Acids

  • Hyper-protein low-fat formula.

  • Formula containing high-quality Glutamine, which boosts normal muscle strengthening.

  • Branched Chain Amino Acids with high degree of purity

Vitamins and Minerals

  • Latest-generation mineral formula.

  • Latest-generation multivitamin formula.

  • Formula containing high availability Magnesium

Ergogenic supplements

Recovery supplements

  • Innovative quick absorption formula which aids muscle well-being

Energy boosters

Fat burners/thermogenic supplements