Body Fat

Excessive body fat is harmful for one’s health, namely because it increases the risk of diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular illnesses, sexual dysfunction, infertility and problems in the joints. Nevertheless, one must realise that fat is necessary for the body and as such it is important to maintain the body fat levels within the recommended parameters: 25-31% for women and 18-25% for men.

In order to lose body fat, calorie consumption must be lower than the energy expended by the body, but also the correct and healthy dietary options must be taken, adopting proper eating habits which should be maintained throughout one’s life and not only when trying to lose body fat. Physical exercise is very important to reduce body fat as it increases the body’s energy expenditure, as well as supplying the necessary stimulus to increase lean body mass, which in itself will increase the body’s energy consumption.

Do not miss meals to lose weight.
Avoid highly processed foods.
Do sport and if possible go to the gym.
Do cardiovascular exercise and never give up.

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