Extreme Force


Pack: 2 Kg pack

Flavour: Neutral

Amylopectin Extreme Force GoldNutrition® is a product rich in carbohydrates originating in waxy maize starch. As a highly concentrated source of amylopectin, it has a slightly lower glycaemic index compared to other sources of rapid-absorption carbohydrates (such as dextrose or maltodextrin), which leads to an enhanced input of carbohydrates, with the benefit of being more easily digested.

This source of complex carbohydrates will aid the gain of muscle mass when consumed, both after working out, in order to maximise adaptation to the training, and at other times of the day for people who find it difficult to gain muscle mass and as such intend to increase the input of carbohydrates.


Waxy maize starch (99% amylopectin, 1% amylose)


Daily dose: Take 1-3 portions a day, depending on the daily carbohydrate needs. May be taken before and/or after physical exercise.

Preparation: Dilute a flat measure (50g) in your pre or post-training drink or in 200ml of water.

Amilopectin Extreme Force

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