Extreme Force


280 g jar (powder).


Creatine Extreme Force GoldNutrition® provides 5g of Creatine per daily dose.

It is a formula that contains Creapure™ – the purest, safest and highest quality Creatine on the market, and is obtained through a patented process. Supplementation with Creatine has well documented positive effects on physical performance during short, high-intensity, repetitive exercises.

CREAPURE™ is a brand name registered by Degussa, Germany.



Contains 5g of Creapure™ Creatine.


Daily dose:

Load phase: 20g/day, for 5 days. Take in 5g doses, four times a day (breakfast, lunch, before and after working out) with juice or an isotonic drink.

Maintenance phase: 5g/day, for 6-8 weeks, after working out.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Preparation: Dilute 1 portion of 10g in a glass of water (150-200 ml); mix well and take.

Creatine Extreme Force

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