Flavours | Chocolate and peanut; Chocolate and roasted corn

We know that bars that consume are always sweet but we have a solution. We created the salt bar, a bar that will give you energy.
Endurance Salt Bars are innovative energy bars that combine sweet and salt flavours. They have been designed for sportsmen/women who do endurance sports to consume during training or while competing.
This bar stands out from the rest on the market because of its salty flavour, supplying around 195-197 mg of sodium per bar. It replenishes the sodium lost during physical exercise.
The bars also contain lipids, hydrates, fiber, proteins, sodium, thiamine, vitamin B6, caffeine, taurine, glutamine, bcaa … all this makes it one of the most complete bars on the market!


Chocolate and roasted corn

. 198 kcal Energy
. 11g Fats
. 20g Carbohydrates
. 2g Fibre
. 4g Protein
. 0,49g Salt
. 195mg Of which sodium
. 1,1mg Thiamin
. 1,4mg Vitamin B6
. 50mg Cafeine
. 520mg Taurine
. 120mg Glutamine
. 45mg BCAA

Chocolate and peanut

. 204 kcal Energy
. 12,1g Fats
. 18,1g Carbohydrates
. 2,2g Sugars
. 4,6g Protein
. 0,49g Salt
. 197mg Of which sodium
. 1,1mg Thiamin
. 61,4mg Vitamin B6
. 68mg Cafeine
. 520mg Taurine
. 120mg Glutamine
. 45mg BCAA


During training.

Endurance Salt Bar

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