Pack containing 24 units.
Flavours available: Pineapple, Forest Fruits.

GoldNutrition® Extreme Guarana and Caffeine Gel is a delicious gel that is very practical to consume, made up of quick absorption sugars that have a high content of glucose, minerals and branched chain amino acids. Of particular importance is the presence of Guarana and Caffeine and complex B vitamins, which are essential for training.


Contains Guarana and Caffeine.


Daily Dose: Athletics/Cycling – Take 1 sachet of GoldNutrition® Extreme Gel per hour of training or competition. In team sports take one or two sachets in the interval. Swimming – take 1 sachet before training or competing, or between swims. Drink at least 200 ml of water for each sachet of GoldNutrition® Extreme Gel. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Extreme Gel Guaraná e Cafeína

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