1Kg pack.
Flavours available: Orange, Tropical Fruit and Lemon.

During long periods of exercise the organism tends to reach high levels of dehydration and to significantly decrease the blood sugar levels, which may result in a loss of strength, speed and premature tiredness.
GoldNutrition® Gold Drink is an extremely tasty isotonic drink, with a formula that combines carbohydrates with a high level of glucose – dextrose and maltodextrin – with fructose and enriched with balanced doses of sodium, magnesium, phosphates and calcium, which are essential to achieve high performance levels in physical activities.


Contains quick and slow absorption Carbohydrates and a high concentration of Magnesium.


Preparation: Add 2 full measures in 1L of moderately cool water, mix and drink.
Daily dose: Take before, during and immediately after physical exercise. During the exercise 400 – 800 ml of isotonic drinks should be consumed per hour of exercise – drink small amounts every 15-20 minutes of exercise. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Gold Drink

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