Presentation | 1kg
Flavours | Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla

Oats & Whey Good Morning Breakfast Protein GoldNutrition® is a shake to be drunk in the morning that combines oats and whey protein, which are essential foodstuffs for a healthy breakfast.
Oats & Whey is quick and easy to prepare, and ideal for people with little time in the morning but are health conscious about their diet. It provides a balanced, complete and satiating breakfast.
With no added sugar, high fibre content and a delicious flavour, this is an excellent way to start the day.


.72% Whole grain oat flour
.25% Concentrated whey protein


1 shake at breakfast.

Oats & Whey Breakfast Protein

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  • Sara Moreira

    GoldNutrition is the gold medal of sports supplementation.

  • João Pereira

    A brand that has always fascinated me

  • Armando Teixeira

    GoldNutrition makes the difference because of its trustworthiness, quality and efficiency!