Box containing 20 bars weighing 50g

Flavours available: Macadamia-Cocoa, Hazelnut-Cocoa, Almond-Coconut

Paleo Concept Bar GoldNutrition® are wonderfully delicious bars made entirely from natural ingredients, containing no processed substances, additives or preservatives.

Paleo Concept Bar GoldNutrition® combines fruit and nuts and have no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. They have high fibre content and very low salt content.


With dates, cashew nuts, macadamias, cocoa, coconut oil, almonds, hazelnuts, dry coconut, fibre, proteins


Daily dose: Eat 1 or 2 bars per day as a snack

Paleo Concept Bar

  • Emanuel Pombo

    GoldNutrition is the evolution of food supplements!

  • Sara Moreira

    GoldNutrition is the gold medal of sports supplementation.

  • David Grachat

    GoldNutrition is the perfect supplement to reach my limits.