Cédric Soares

Cédric Soares Futebol | Cédric Soares Soccer

He was born on 31 August 1991 in Singen, Germany. Son of immigrants, he came to Portugal at the age of 2. At 8 he started playing for Sporting Clube de Portugal. Since then it has been growing, counting on 100 more international game.

At the age of eight he began to represent Sporting CP, a club where he remained until 2011/12, when he represented Académica de Coimbra on loan. In the following season, 2012/13 returned to Sporting and remained from ‘lion in heart’ until the end of the 2014/15 season. In 2015/16 he decided to embrace the most competitive leagues in the world to represent Southampton. The highest moment of his football career was in 2016, when he won the UEFA European Football Championship with the Portuguese National Team.

Roberto Del Amo

Roberto entrered the world world of bodybuilding and culturism at the age of 18 years, and from that day forward it changed profundly his lifestyle. In 2001 he made his debut in his first light competition.  In 2005 Roberto had his first pro bodybuilding competition and from there a very widespread sports career began, competing all years practically, and in a great part in an international level championships solo or with the spanish selection. To achieve his excellent physique, Roberto normally trains around 21 hours a week.

Cuca Roseta

Cuca Roseta

She is beautiful, talented, a fighter and has a very own style both on stage and in her personal life. Her voice is unmistakable and one of the most acclaimed voices of the new generation of fado.

Maria Isabel Roseta, better known as Cuca Rosetta, is a true inspiration. In addition to her enormous passion for fado, she practices yoga, a taekwondo black belt and loves dancing and painting.

Vítor Gamito

Vitor Gamito Ciclista | Vitor Gamito Cyclists

He´s a reference in national cycling. He won his return to Portugal in 2000 after finishing four times in second place. He left road cycling in 2004 due to a health problem, and began to focus on mountain biking, marketing and training of other athletes. He made a symbolic and inspiring return to Volta a Portugal at the age of 44, and continues to win titles in national and international mountain bike races.

Sara Moreira

Sara Moreira

She made her debut in athletics in school sports at the age of 8, soon after winning a first place. When Sara finishes her career, she intends to work  in Physical Therapy, but until then she still has many more medals to conquer.
Sara does not consider herself superstitious but just to make sure, she does not always wear some specific socks and hair elastics in competitions.

Pedro Borges

Pedro Borges Crossfit

At age 6 he saw a movie of ninjas and he knew that it was in the martial arts that he wanted to dedicate his life to. Between 2001 and 2006, he won several gold, silver and bronze medals in national and international kickboxing competitions. He became a film and television double, and to improve skills, he started practicing Crossfit in 2012. He fell in love with the sport and started competing. Today it is one of the national references of the modality, counts already with a national title and several international participations.

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Madjer Beach Soccer

He was born in Angola but came to Portugal with only three months. He started to play soccer at Estoril Praia, and at age 10 he won the nickname Madjer, for similarities in style with Porto Rabah Madjer.

A motorcycle accident forced him to stop for two years, and when he returned he started playing beach soccer, where he would become a unique figure at an international level, playing in several countries and being considered five times the best of world.

João Sousa

João Sousa Ténis

As a kid, he used to watch his father play, and wait for him to hit some balls with him in the end. He would become the best Portuguese tennis player of all time, and the first to win the Estoril Open in 2018. The unprecedented feat in the history of the sport earned him the 48th place in the world ranking, a homage of his hometown and a praise of the Assembly of the Republic.

João Garcia

He began rock climbing at the age of 16, with the Guarda Mountaineering Club in the Serra da Estrela, and the following year he was already making his debut on the great snow and ice climbing in the Alps. It was the first Portuguese to climb the Everest, and has already conquered the highest peaks in the world without the use of artificial oxygen. He wrote several books and documentaries, and was awarded by the Portuguese State with the Commander of the Portuguese Honorary Order of Merit.

João Pereira

João Pereira - Triatlo

His family always instilled in him the habit of sport, but he only got to know triathlon in the 12th grade, when his physical education teacher introduced him to a triathlon coach.
He believes that triathlon gives him freedom and, among many victories, in 2017 João Pereira made history by winning two European titles within a week.