We follow athletes since we exist as a brand. From the shortest to the longest races, we are there. With our nutritional support. And with our friendship. We will even go to Japan if that's the case. And it is the case. GoldNutrition at the Olympic Games.

There are values that have always sounded louder in the history of the GoldNutrition.
Excellence is one of them. It is with excellence in mind that we develop formulas supported by scientific knowledge. It is through excellence that we reach the maximum quality of our products, running after the ISO that guarantee safety to consumers. And excellence is also the selection criteria we apply to support athletes. Supporting athletes is part of the brand’s DNA, as a big bet on sport and on those who always give their best.

We are aware that this support is essential. Supporting athletes on a nutritional level is allowing them to focus fully on training without having to worry about the products they can or should purchase to promote their performance. By having the products best suited to their profile and specific needs of the sport, athletes can focus on what they are really good at.

We know that this “detail” makes the difference. And that’s why we are with our athletes from the starting line. As far as Japan, where this year the 2020 Olympic Games are held, one year late, due to the pandemic.
We have been thrilled with our athletes at the Olympics for many years now. It is ambitious to support them in an event that moves thousands of athletes and millions of spectators. And it is moving to celebrate with them the Olympic values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect. We share these Olympic values and, whenever GoldNutrition decides to support an athlete, it does so as a way of valuing and highlighting their merit, but also thinking about collaborating for “a better world through sport”, alluding to the vision of the Olympic Movement.

We are proud to support our olympic athletes that are leaving for Tokyo: Fernando Pimenta and Emanuel Silva, in Canoeing; Alexis Santos, in Swimming; Sara Moreira, in Athletism; João Pereira and Melanie Santos, in Triathlon; Jorge Fonseca, in Judo.
You have got this! GoldNutrition is with you in every Olympic second. Go with everything.

With your talent. And with our confidence that the sky is the limit.