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What you need to know

Powerful Drainer

Extreme Cut Ripped Drainer contains plant extracts with diuretic action such as nettle. This formula also has bitter melon, green coffee and green tea whose purpose is to promote the loss of body fat. Having less caffeine than most thermogenics this product is a choice for anyone who is more sensitive to caffeine.

Ideal product for:


  • – Reduce excess weight and volume;
  • – Reduce body fat.




Water, Potassium gluconate, Green Coffee dry extract, Caffeine anhydrous, Lemon flavouring, Green tea dry extract (leaf, Camelia sinensis), Slender nettle dry extract (Urtica dioica), Bitter Melon dry Extract (fuit, Momordica charantia), Preservative (Potassium sorbate), Sweetener (sucralose).

Manufactured in a facility that handles milk, soy, gluten, eggs, fish, nuts, crustaceans, sesame seeds and molluscs, so it can
contain traces of them.

Nutrition Declaration

Green Coffee Extract (10% Clorogenic acid)
100 mg
Green Tea Extract(>7% Caffeine; >30% catechins; >15% EGCG)
50 mg
Slender nettle extract
50 mg
Bitter Melon Extract (1,8% Charatine)
25 mg
100 mg

How to take it

Take one unit a day. For best results dilute the contents in 1 liter of water and take until the end of the afternoon. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.

Other information

Not reccomended:

  • To persons under 18 years old;
  • During pregnancy or breastfeeding;
  • In case of allergy to any of the compounds;
  • In case of hypertension or any other heart disease;
  • In case of kidney disease;
  • In case of hyperthyroidism;
  • If you are taking anxiolytic or anticoagulant drugs;
  • In case of diabetes, consult your doctor or health care professional before taking this product;
  • Contains 100 mg of Caffeine.


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