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What you need to know

L-Glutamine 100%

Have you heard that a good recovery is the best ally for muscle growth?

If you train hard, L-Glutamine can be your ally for gaining muscle mass through its muscle recovery effect and growth hormone stimulation.

Although our body has the capacity to produce glutamine, in stressful situations, especially during exercise or infection, not enough amounts are produced to meet the existing need.

To be aware of its importance, we can say that glutamine represents about 50% of amino acids in muscle, so its consumption will be important so that the body does not use essential amino acids to produce it and to maintain its reserves in muscle.

As quality is the essential factor in our products, GoldNutrition 100% Glutamine has the Kyowa seal. The glutamine you will find in this product comes from a pioneer in the production of free amino acids that guarantees a quality and purity of the ingredient far above the average available on the market.

Ideal product for:

– Gain muscle mass;
– Stress states, caused by intense exercise, preventing chronic fatigue syndrome;
– Strengthen the immune system.


L-Glutamina (Kyowa Quality ®) (100%).

Nutrition Declaration

5 g

How to take it

After training or before bedtime take 1 measurement (5 g). You should not exceed the recommended daily intake.


Não recomendado:

    • Durante a gravidez e aleitamento
    • Em caso de alergia a algum dos constituintes
    • A pessoas com cirrose hepática, problemas renais, síndrome de Reye’s, ou outro tipo de patologia que aumente a acumulação de amónia no sangue.


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Estudos científicos

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