Nutriție de calitate, oricând, oriunde

Scopul nostru este de a crea produse de calitate care să se potrivească în orice moment, oriunde în lume.


Să inspirăm prin nutriție

Credem că o alimentatie sanatoasa are puterea de a inspira schimbări, obiective și dorințe și că are o mare influență asupra drumurilor pe care le urmăm în viață. Participam activ in procesul de inovare și dezvoltare a unor formule care răspund nevoilor publicului nostru. Deoarece calitatea este în ADN-ul mărcii noastre.

Valorile noastre





Echipa GoldNutrition

Membru al Consiliului

Patricia Berezetcki

Excellence means stepping outside of your comfort zone in order to become the best version of yourself.

Custódio César
President and Tecnhical Director

Excellence means turning dreams into reality.

Directori Funcționali

Vasco Almeida
Financial Director

Excellence means to raise your performance as high as your expectations.

Carlos Barros
Operations Director

Excellence means being sensational on and off the field.

Carlos Peneda
Marketing Director

Excellence means doing small things with great passion.

Nuno Rebelo Capela
Comercial Director

Excellence means to surprise every day.


Miguel Bonte
Director Hong Kong

Excellence means chasing after the best version of yourself

Ioana Mihut
Country Manager Romania

Excellence means to be outstanding among the ones next to you

Fernando Prisal
International Business Development Manager

Excellence is a way of life

David Rosado

Excellence means putting innovation at the center of your business.

Echipa României

Cristian Pirvu

Excellence means to act permanently to bring value

Daniela Diaconu
Departamentul Tehnic

Excellence means to sustain the performance

Echipa Portugaliei

Silvia Nicolau

Excellence means doing the right things right, right at the first time and every time.

Carla Pereira

Excellence means taking risks

João Sabino

Excellence means being able to change your mindset.

Filipe Santos

Excellence means to be the best without a doubt.

Sara Mendes

Excellence means do what you love and always be proud of yourself.

Ana Andrea Alves

Excellence means doing your best

Miguel Casimiro

Excellence means making hard things look easy.

Sónia Santo

Excellence means leaving the past behind, not thinking much about the future and live the present 100% ! 🙂

Nelson Graça

Excellence means taking care of every detail of life with the utmost detail!

Fernando Matos

Excellence means to be authentic and unique.

Vitor Gamito

Excellence means exceeding all expectation.

João Tiago Gil

Excellence means getting a little bit better, every single day!

João Esteves

Excellence means to believe in beating the odds.

Mariana Chuva

Excellence means dreaming in colours that don’t exist.

Leonor Pinto

Excellence means looking at life with the same wonder as a kid.

Pedro Rodrigues

Excellence means being able to keep everything running smoothly to ensure a bright future.

Hermínia Santos

Excellence means being professional and close at the same time.

Echipa Spaniei

Enric Noguera

Be excellent means being the best

David Arrando

Excellence means doing things well.

Miguel Angel Humanes

Excellence means learning from the best people.

Casandra Pilar

Excellence means to be professional above all.

Hector Vegue

Excellence means improving yourself every day.

Alvaro Castellanos

Excellence means to be the best.