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What you need to know

Stimulates Muscle Growth

Tribulus is a concentrated formula in Tribulus terrestris. There is some fear and prejudice regarding this type of supplementation because it stimulates the sexual and reproductive system. But did you know that optimizing the levels of various hormones like testosterone and luteinizing hormone (within normal levels) help to boost muscle hypertrophy?

This supplement is used for infertility but also for increasing muscle mass. And it is not only used by men. In women it helps in reducing the symptoms of sexual frigidity, in increasing the libido and in increasing the menopausal symptoms.

Tribulus Terrestris Benefits:

– Promotes increased muscle mass in athletes;
– Increases sperm production as well as its motility;
– Increases testosterone and LH levels in men suffering from impotence and infertility.


Tribulus terrestrisfruto dry extract (60%), Anti-caking agent (dicalcium phosphate), Bulking agent (maltodextrin), Anti-caking agent (Tricalcium phosphate, Magnesium stearate), Coating agents (E464, E460, E570, dyes (E171, E141ii), Anti-caking agent (Silicon dioxide).


Tribulus terrestris
1100 mg
Steroid saponins
440 mg

How to take it

Take two tablets daily, one in the morning and one at bedtime. Do not exceed recommended daily intake.

Other information

Not recommended:

  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • By men with benign prostatic hypertrophy;
  • In case of allergy to any of the ingredients. /li>


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