Muscle Toning: 6 Things No One Explained To You

Muscle Toning: 6 Things No One Explained To You

Muscle toning is very desirable in front of the mirror, especially when you get back to the gym. But “mirror, mirror mine”, are you invoking it for the right reasons? 1. Why is it so important to have your muscles toned? First of all, muscle toning translates the muscle's resistance to movement....

Our Champions at the Olympics

We follow athletes since we exist as a brand. From the shortest to the longest races, we are there. With our nutritional support. And with our friendship. We will even go to Japan if that's the case. And it is the case. GoldNutrition at the Olympic Games. There are...

Treinos de Verão

The 7 Most Common Mistakes in Summer Training

In early June we talked about the importance of hydration in training in high temperatures. However, there are some things to lookout for if you train in these conditions, otherwise you can be doing more harm than good to your health. With the this humidity and the increase in temperatures, it...

Que Suplementos tomar Antes e Depois do Treino

What to Take Before and After Workout

Not all sportsmen take supplements, but those who take them know how confusing in the beginning, figuring out what to take and when to take it. Because we want our followers to be well informed, we decided to enlighten everyone who has questions about what types of supplements to take...

Nutrição Desportiva: 4 Dicas para Trail Running

Nutrition Tips for Long-Distance Running

Trail Running is among the most physically demanding endurance sports, and requires a large caloric intake during training and competitions. Carbohydrates are one of the main energy sources for endurance athletes, so that the type and amount of carbs that must be eaten, as well as the right eating windows are...

Consumo de Beterraba

Beet Consumption and its Effect on Endurance

Beetroot. A plant full of nutrients and with several health benefits! Of strong flavor, not everyone is a fan of it, but the truth is that if you are an endurance practitioner and do not like beets, maybe you should consider giving it a try!